Repronauts provide high accuracy, mobile 3D scanning services. We recreate stunningly realistic virtual characters from 3D scan data. We do character animation and create innovative mixed reality content. We use 3D printing to realise digital forms. We create innovative 3D content and specialise in all aspects of 3D modelling in the digital and physical domain.

Repronauts is an independent production and technology studio working at the forefront of innovation in 3D production. We operate a bespoke, highly portable, high speed 3D scanning rig, optimised for body scanning. This enables us to capture the highest accuracy, full photorealistic colour scans, on location and fast.

We have a wealth of in-house technical and creative skills and experience focussed on the constant evolution and improvement of highly optimized workflows which allow us to rapidly produce virtual characters of stunning realism to tight production deadlines for our clients and partners.