Fully functional in-house 3D printing facility

We run an array of high-end consumer 3D printers, customised to deliver consistent accuracy and reliability.

Ultra-high resolution SLA 3D printing machines

Our SLA and DLP machines cure photosensitive resin with phenomenal accuracy, and produce absolutely stunning results.



Busts & Statuettes

We produce high quality statuettes in a variety of finishes including copper, bronze and wood.

We offer a one-stop scan-to-print service where we capture, process and 3D print your 3D model in a style and finish of your choosing.

Alternatively, if you already have a scans, we can optimize, print and finish as you require.

High quality 3D Printed Busts and Statuettes

High Quality 3D Printed head puzzle

3D printed statues



Rapid Prototyping

We work with our clients to rapidly finesse their designs, and produce high quality prototypes. These allow cost effective evaluation of fit, form and function before comitting to high volume production runs.

CAD design for table constructed from 3D printed puzzle pieces


CAD design for clamp which holds camera pan-tilt mounts


CAD design for a gear which drives the Ultimaker 2 3D printer extruder

3D printed pieces connecting to make a coffee table


3D printed clamp for mholding 3D scanner pan-tilt mount


CAD design for ultimaker 2 3D printer extruder driver gear

3D Printed table made from individual puzzle pieces


3D Printed pan-tilt mount for 3D scanners


Unique 3D Printed coffee table


3D printed pan-tilt 3D scanner mount


3D printed gears


We also offer a cost effective service for small batch production runs.
Please direct all enquiries to 3dprinting@repronauts.com.