Reverse Engineering and Optimisation

We provide Computer Aided Design (CAD) services aiding the design and manufacture of many types of components.

We can reverse-engineer out-of-production components from photos and drawings, and we can reverse engineer from scan data procured either in-house or from third parties.

We can work with you to design new components from scratch, or tweak and modify existing designs as necesarry.

We also specialise in the optimization of existing CAD models. We can optimise polycounts for 3D printing or cleanup 3D scans for further processing in Autodesk and other applications.

For all enquiries, please contact us on 0208 3710785 or email:

CAD rendered box junction road piece ready for full colour 3D printingCAD design for 3D printer spool holderCAD rendered UM2 DriverCAD design for table constructed from 3D printed jigsaw pieces

CAD design file for crossroads pieceCAD design for clamp to connect pan-tilt head to scanning rigCAD design file for 3D Printer Filament WinderCAD design for 3D printer filament feeder gear

CAD file for roundabout for interconnecting road systemCAD design file for 3D Printing filament spool holderCAD design for Ultimaker 2 3D Printer Filament Extruder UpgradeCAD design file for bracket supporting the upgraded Ultimaker 2 3D printer filament extruder

CAD design file for straight road for interconnecting road systemCAD design file for 3D printer filament spool holderCAD design for 3D printer filament winding machineCAD design file for extruder gear for Ultimaker 2 3D printer extruder upgrade