Our unique DSLR based scanning system has been specifically designed in-house to meet the needs of the challenging modern day realtime production environment.

From arriving onsite, we are setup, callibrated and ready to scan in under 90 minutes.

Scans take just 30 seconds, so with time factored in to brief characters on how to pose and to validate the scanning data once captured, we can comfortably capture 15 – 20 scans per hour.

Our DSLR based scanning rig captures 300 x 24 MPixel images of the subject from every angle, delivering highly detailed head and body geometry and pin sharp photographic textures in a single fast and simple scanning pass.

De-rigging takes around 30 minutes. The rig packs into 2 small flight cases which are easily transported by land and air.

If production deadlines dictate, and provided with a standard internet connection at the scanning site, we are able to upload the scanning data as we capture it. This allows our character production team to start procesing the characters without delay.

We scan both on-site in North London and offer a mobile service throughout the world.

Repronauts have the technology, expertise and experience to deliver highly accurate, highly detailed full colour 3D scans, in volume and to tight timescales.