Repronuats’ hi-res 3D scanning rig is versatile and portable. Availabilty permitting, we can deploy the rig within most of the UK given a days’ notice.

Our full scanning rig including hardware, scanners, lighting and draped enclosure can be setup in a 2.5m x 3m plot in around 90 minutes.

We deliver affordable quality in volume. Our scans are captured in around 90 seconds, and we can output the base mesh in around an hour. We then finalise the scan performing optimisation specific to the target platform.

We can organise 3D scan shoots to capture sports teams, fashion models, film casts, costume archives or conference delegates to name but a few examples.


A Repronauts 3D scan-shoot makes a unique, innovative, interactive and entertaining centrepiece for any event, and delivers highly detailed photorealistic 3D scans of the participants.

Our rig has been specifically developed to enable the capture of complex forms and poses, so guests, along with their outfits, costumes and accessories can be captured in glorious high resolution full colour 3D.


We make a point-cloud preview, showing the digitised form, available instantly, and can process the full colour hi-res digital models in 24-48 hrs, depending on volume.

We hope you enjoy exploring some highlights and 3D scans from our recent scan-shoots via the links below: