We are pioneering the use of virtual 3D characters within the Augmented Reality studio environment to offer compelling and innovative broadcast production graphic enhancements.

Our unique, rapid 3D body scanning technology delivers high quality, photorealistic digital 3D models, which deploy seamlessly to all major 3D broadcast and gaming engines, including VizRT, Chyron-Hago, Ross  XPression, Unreal and Unity.

3D Scans staged in BBC Studio

Virtual characters provide producers with a new level of creative freedom, allowing the camera to move arbitrarily around and between the characters within the scene.

We’ve developed a highly optimized pipeline which allows us to animate our scanned models to produce photorealistic, immersive 4D content. Our strong links with the research sector keeps us at the cutting edge of developments in tools and technologies which vastly simplify the process of basemeshing, skeletal rigging, weight painting and motion-capture data retargetting, allowing us to offer high quality and cost-effective character animation services.

Click on the images below to see some full screen interactive examples.


Augmented Reality KelvinSkelPose

Augmented Reality MikaelSkelPose2

Animated 3D Scan. Kelvin Stonebridge Boxers.
Click the image to view the fullscreen 3D interactive animation
Kelvin Animated 3D Scan
Click the image to view the fullscreen 3D interactive animation