We have a wealth of experience in quickly and efficiently recreating stunningly realistic virtual characters from 3D scan data.
We’ve developed a highly optimised automated pipeline which greatly reduces the character processing time.
Our unique pipeline utilises software, methodolgy and experience developed in-house in response to the demand from many of our clients to be able to produce high volumes of characters in short timeframes.
Our pipeline can be pre-configured with geometry, UV mapping, topology, skin weights, joint positioning, skeletal animations, facial expressions and many other aspects of the finalised character in advance of scanning.

Once the scan data is available, the process of morphing the pre-prepared assets to the scans is scalable and largely automated.
The manual effort then required by our creative team is reduced to the finishing and detailing required to ensure photorealistic realism.

We provide virtual 3D characters which integrate seamlessly with realtime graphics engines including Unity and Unreal, offering a new level of creative freedom within the AR studio environment.